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LogiExpress - Four elements, one logistic.


About Us

LOGIEXPRESS was founded with the aim of developing trade between countries. We are dedicate to buy, sell, brokering and/or provide a range of products for various vital areas of the economy.

Specializing in international markets, we have emerged through the identification of needs of our customers to locate, select and obtain a variety of products with efficiency and quality. Thus, based on our experience we made our way to a competitive and growing market to meet their requirements.

Strengths of our organization

  • We have a global network of business partners and suppliers to support and reliability in vital sectors of the economy.

  • We have a team of professionals with international presence focused on monitoring the quality of products and confirm service quality.

  • Supervise the search and offering of products and / or services, providing the most important differentiator as is the quality of processes.

  • We adapt quickly to the size and needs of our customers regardless of the product or quantity that you want.


It is being positioned as a leader in the context of continuous improvement of the national and international economy, establishing links with other markets and stimulating trade between countries.


The satisfaction of our customers through the provision of information , as well as minimization of costs in logistics processes, straightforward and accurate manner. In this sense we assure greater productivity and competitiveness , providing higher performance for your company with quality service.

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